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After a disaster, people need help. Together, we are building a world-wide network that will meet those needs.

Imagine being a...
photo Mark Neuenschwander. Joplin, Missouri, May 2011.
Imagine being a Survivor.
Sirens blare in the background. Their crying wolf over the years has made you nearly immune to the sound, but for some reason you know it is different this time. You frantically get the kids into your bedroom closet as a massive wall of death and destruction barrels in your direction.

The wind is deafening, like a jet engine at full blast next to your face. The next minute feels like an eternity. The monster soon disappears and you step out of your closet into another world. Your house is gone and devastation stretches as far as the eye can see.Thoughts race through your mind.

Are your family and friends okay? Where can you find medical care, shelter, food and water?
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How Relief1 Helps Survivors
Bringing People Together
Relief1 makes it easy for you to let the world know someone you care about is missing. Just hop on our website or call and tell us about them. We then notify government agencies, search and rescue, local and national media, and social media companies like Facebook and Twitter for you. Our comprehensive network makes a once daunting task simple and effective.
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Finding Resources and Help
Some say knowing is half the battle. What good is it if help is around the corner if you are unaware it exists? For example, locating shelter, medical care, gluten-free food, or tree removal services will be easy on our website or through our toll-free phone service. We take care of finding the resources and matching up your needs with those looking to help.
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Imagine being a Volunteer.
This has been the best weekend in a long time and your two-week vacation has just begun. You sit down in your favorite chair and turn to the Weather Channel. Instead of getting the local weather, you are seeing a weatherman standing in the middle of complete devastation. The images on the TV are unimaginable, surreal, as if an atom bomb went off.

In an instant, the thought of going to the lake feels positively selfish and your heart at once goes out to those in need. You immediately contact your family and friends to make plans for a trip to serve your fellow man.

Where and whom do you help? What can you do to help and what should you bring?
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How Relief1 Helps Volunteers
Connecting People Together
As a volunteer, you want to make a difference. You want to know who to help and where they are located. Our service takes into account community needs, your skills, and how far you are willing to travel, and if a match appears, we notify you. Use our interactive map on our website or mobile app to see all of the requests in an area.
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Search & Rescue Enabled
Information saves lives during disasters. Search & rescue teams get instant access to any missing person reports submitted to Relief1. Immediately, we send notifications that include the person's potential location(s) and the missing person report if they are within the area.
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Imagine being the Leader of a Non-Profit.
You are outside grilling out on a beautiful Sunday afternoon when you get a call from your friend who's the director of programming at the non-profit you chair. You listen as he describes the devastating storm that has just hit a local community. Fortunately, your organization has experience in disaster cleanup and recovery.

You quickly begin to mobilize your organization. Even still, each disaster is different and has its own unique set of challenges to overcome.

Where do you deploy your staff and resources?
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How Relief1 Helps Organizations
Coordination Made Easy
Your organization wants to make a difference. You provide the vision and coordination to make that happen. Knowing where your volunteers are and where they should go is a challenge. Relief1 makes that easy. Not only will you see the needs in your area, we will also give you the ability to coordinate your volunteers with that information. Using the power of the internet and GPS technology, you can effortlessly track and deploy resources in order to provide the most help.
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Managing Resources
After a disaster, the necessity for material resources is critically important. You want to make the greatest impact with the resources you have. We help you by making it possible to track material inventories and their location all in real-time. Additionally, you can deploy and request the resources you need in order to help others. Effective coordination is crucial. Relief1makes that simple.
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